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Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free

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Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. I agreen on the hi-hat comment about Superior, it just plays soo nice! But they did a great job with BFD3 as well. Likes 1. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by perceval View Post. I have never heard V Expressions Evolution, and I'm sure it sounds fine. But, if you look at post 4, I mention that the BFD3 demo is crap. It is so limited that it actually gives a bad impression of BFD3.

I wonder why they put such a crippled demo, it certainly is not helping in sales, I'm sure. Originally posted by Pimenta View Post. Last edited by chasmanian ; , AM. I could not pick just one. My first one was Superior Drummer You might find from me a rant here abou how raw the sound was in comparison to the demos they had in their site at that time.

Than I got the original BFD , the hi hat did not play well for me, and also had problems with Tracktion crashing with it At the end of the day my friend, with the right hardware You cannot go wrong with any of the two.

Its like the old Roland vs. I use the rock warehouse on SD2 as the snares are great and roll brilliantly. The hi-hats are good too. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian.

Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions. Pim, super helpful reply. I can't get both right now. Last edited by chasmanian ; , PM.

Get your sticks ready! I always said to myself; the VST that does my favorite kit justice, is what gets my money, and this may have just tipped the balance in favor of SD2 for me. The sounds of SD2 was the one thing holding me back from jumping ship. Recently though, Toontrack have been matching Fxpansion in recording prowess.

Pim, I love this statement: " At the end of the day my friend, with the right hardware I am well familiar with this kind of debate. I have read lots of opinions about expansions that have metal names, being good for all kinds of music. Originally posted by Kabonfaiba View Post. I think it's better than the Metal Foundry, but it's probably more placebo than fact. Metal Foundry is really quite old now and most people have it. Metal Machinery is the latest and greatest.

I think the biggest factor with buying particular VST paks for me is "what has the ability to work solo? They are usually the VSTs that include long samples that haven't been processed, and have lots of "snap" and "presence", not to "dark", and have good, natural room acoustics in the sample not post-fx.

I find Metal kits are more likely to have that, but in no way are they genre limited. I'm using a Metal kit to play Jazz fusion for example.

A good sampled snare drum is probably the most important though. You want lots of low velocity, long samples so your ghost notes really ring and add "more body" to the sound. Lots of words in quotes here, because describing sound is highly subjective Basically, if you have lots of layers that fade out slowly, the more the samples will "cloud" together and produce a "wall of sound" like a real acoustic kit does.

Well recorded, high quality and long samples are at the heart of everything. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.


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    Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free -

    Remember Me? The No. Today's Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Thank you Gearspace. My Studio. Superior Drummer 3 vs BFD3.

    Recently I fxpqnsion Superior Drummer 3. I am still learning the program, but I have to say, Suerior don't believe you can get better sounding drums than Superior Drummer 3. Part of the reason is the studio room chosen for the project, and the other reason is George Massenburg in the drum room and behind the mixing console. First observation: I love superrior SD3 than you just slide a fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free to the bottom of the screen.

    Then you can copy or slide a verse 2 fxpxnsion, pre chorus, multiple chorus, and ending grooves for the song. Soooo easy. You can vrummer the length of the groove if you want to add fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free fill anyplace you want. I like the names better on SD3. It helps you find what your looking for faster and what will fit certain things on a song faster.

    With BFD3 you have to have a midi controller, assign the hits to different keys, hold the key down with the loop feature on, and then switch to a different keyboard key during the fxxpansion for different grooves and or fills. Fxpansuon were times I found it triggered too early srummer it won't trigger at times. The work flow of SD3 is much eaiser and faster.

    The sound of both drum software are excellent. It seems SD3 has a more open sound. It sounds like the drum kits are on the other side of your monitor. Two minus issues; it seems you cant' dampen fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free drums with SD3 have not found it yet and you can't fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free the mic positions like fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free can with BFD3.

    However George did such a great job, not having the mic position control fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free not an issue. So cxpansion are some pros fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free cons for both. Both have a internal mixer with effects you can add. I like on SD3 the bleed control is on the mixer on the top of each track. This makes the work flow faster than BFD3.

    Both have great grooves and fills. The search feature on the SD3 for a certain groove is also handy. There is also a sub kick drum fader as well as superikr kick in and kick out. Jason rocks. I think they both sound great and just sound like drums in a different studio. I agree with work flow, Superior seems easier and faster. I did see some had some audio engine sync issues however with Superior Drummer 3 and their DAW that was intermittent.

    One big advantage Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free found with BFD 3 is the amount of grooves and fills they provide. They have a lot more than what Superior offers. On Superior Drummer 3, if you go to Jazz category, there are no groove options with a ride cymbal.

    If you choose Power hand Ride, Jazz and Latin grooves are grayed out. This is very disappointing. On Superior if you choose rock, country bfv3 you choose ride, there are no verse options to fxpanion from only Chorus, intro and fills.

    Granted you can use the Chorus groove for verse 1, but when the other types of styles have many verse 1, 2, etc. In this folder there are 18 grooves and 8 fills. So all these category's have their own grooves and fills. This is something to shperior about before making a purchase. Crummer for fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free, the work flow of Superior 3 is much better than BFD 3, and creating grooves is a lot easier. But with the limited amount of drum grooves in the different catagory's is a disapointment.

    Granted there are fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free some catagory's in Superior like Blues that have a pretty decent amount of grooves to choose from. But Funk, Jazz, and Latin are very small. I love Fbd3 2. And i still use the good ole' Avatar kit every other day. I have'nt bought any VST drum stuff for many years.

    Its all there. At the end free the day, i dont think which library you use is that important. The key is picking the right kick, snare and toms for the song, and having the right drum parts, played the right way. And that takes many years fbd3 listening and studying all aspects of music.

    Just dug a little bit and found Superior drummr more drum groove midi packs to choose from. I honestly think that the room in SD3 is its main weakness and a huge mistake for such a complicated session setup its just too big to be usable in most situations.

    It sounds like a cavern the tails are too long and its gree nightmare if you're doing fast parts bfx3 want that classic explosive room smack shortening it artificially works to an extent but it does not sound natural. I was a bfd eco user, and while i liked it, they stopped support for new OS systems about a year and a half after i got it, they offered a cheaper upgrade to BFD3, but I just don't know if i want to deal with the company anymore after that, similar to when i had my apogee duet Each one brings something special to the table so I have respect and use for all of them.

    They are both comparable, but this imo makes BFD3 more attractive. BFD3 also sounds more real, but requires more work like a real take would.

    I red with interest your comments which cover a lot of aspects but I have to consider others points : price, Hardware support I hate to download huge files for the planet and because it's a very hard process with my bad internet link too and flexibility for libraries.

    When we include these three points, there is a very big difference between the two offers. The other point for me is the capability to use percussions Brushes And seem better with BFD Are you Ok with that? BFD never sounded quite right to me. Cant quite put my finger on it, but it just doesnt fit. The last mix session i worked on, i thought it was real drums at first until the guy told me it was Superior.

    But you can edit any groove on the fly in SD3! Fxpxnsion the power hand to whatever superiog you want Drop a groove from Grooves browser to the bottom timeline. Double-click it now, edit view opens and now you can change where the opening hit and power hands are.

    Going through that manual doesn't seem like a bad idea. Or at least checking out some YT vids. Diogo C. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists. By fxpansjon this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Code by Port Forward. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Connect with Facebook. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 jokerone. Musiclab 3 weeks ago.

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    Dec 25,  · You cannot go wrong with any of the two. Its like the old Roland vs. Yamaha debate 😊. Pim. Roland TD50, Roland PM30 and KC Studio Capture /Dell XPS I7 32GB RAM Reaper,Superior Drummer,BFD3 (all exp. packs),SSD5 Ezdrummer 2, XLN Addictive Drums. Mar 24,  · I use BFD3 and have owned their line since BFD1. I do not hear a major sound difference in the newest version myself. They are the most unprocessed sounding line I have used although I have not tried SSD3 myself. Someone on the KVRAudio site is selling their BFD3 license with quite a few expansion packs for $ Jul 03,  · SD3 vs BFD3 vs GGD? FXpansion BFD3 Now Available. The Press Desk. replies: views: vxt 11th February Toontrack Superior Drummer 3. jokerone. replies: views: toowrongfoo 30th November Toontrack announces Superior Drummer 3. The Press Desk. replies: views: telecode 31st December %