Recruitment Sector

Recruitment Sector

Security Sector

Watch Man
Security Officer
Security Supervisor
Civil Security Guard
Body Guard


Checkout Cashiers
Trolley Boys
Shelves Rack Organizers

Garments and Textile

Pattern Makers
Production Managers
Checker, Helpers


Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Electronic Engineer
Civil Engineer

Building cleaning management

Interior building cleaning

Ship building and ship machinery industry

Welding, Finishing, Plastering Machining, Iron work, Electrical equipment assembling

Aviation industry

Airport ground handling (ground driving support services, baggage and freight handling services), Aircraft maintenance (maintenance of aircraft and equipment, etc.)

Automobile Services

Automobile repair and maintenance

Automobile everyday inspection and maintenance, Regular inspection and maintenance, Disassembly

Air Conditioning (Window Type, Split Level & Central Unit)

HVAC Engineers
HVAC Foreman
HVAC Supervisors
HVAC Technicians


Agricultural Workers
Agricultural equipment operators
Animal breeders
Crop, nursery, greenhouse farmworkers and laborers
Farm ,ranch animal farm and aquacultural animals workers

Information Technology

Computer Engineer
System Administrator
Software Engineer
System Analysts
Network Administrators
Data Entry Operators
Computer Technicians
Database Operators
Data Entry Clerks

Manufacture of food and beverages

General food and beverage manufacturing
Manufacturing / processing and health and safety of food and beverages (excluding liquor)

Food Service Industry

General restaurant industry (food and beverage processing, customer service, store management)

Building Structure Maintenance & Construction Group

Electricians, Electronic Technicians
Plumbers, Welders, Steel Fixers & Pipe Fitters
Carpenters (Finishing & Shuttering)
Painters (Spray/Wall)
Mason- Construction Helpers
Mason- Brick Layers
Mason -Tile/Marble Fitters

Electric, electronics and information Industries

Machining, Machinery maintenance, Painting, Metal press, Electronic equipment assembly , Welding, Factory sheet metal work, Electric equipment assembling , Industrial packaging, Plating, Printed wiring board manufacturing, Finishing, Plastic molding

Industrial machinery industry

Factory sheet metal work, Electronic equipment assembly, Forging, Plating, Electric equipment assembling, Die Casting, Finishing, Printed wiring board manufacturing, Machining, Machinery inspection, Plastic molding, Painting, Machinery maintenance, Metal press, Iron work, Industrial packaging, Welding

Official Personnel Management Group ​

Officer Manager
Assist Manager
Manager-Marketing, Sales , Administration
Accountant, Cashiers
Secretaries, Storekeepers, Purchasers
Clerks, Typists, Data Entry Operators
Office Boys, Tea Boys, Bell Boys

Vehicle/Heavy Equipment Operator/ Auto Mechanic and Maintenance

Light Vehicle Drivers
Car/Van/Mini-bus Drivers
Heavy Equipment Operators
Truck/Lorry/Trailer/Forklift/Crane Drivers
Motor/Grader/Dozer/Backhoe/Roller Operators
Bulldozer/Scrapper Operators
Auto Mechanic/Diesel Machine Mechanics
Heavy Duty Mechanics
Wireless Technicians/Bar Benders

Doctor / Nurse

Doctor Gynecology (Surgeon)
Doctor Physician (General) MD
Doctor Surgeon (General) MD
Doctor (Gynecology) MS
Doctor (Urology) MS
Doctor Skin (Skin & UD) MD
Doctor (Nepharthology) MD
Nurses (General Wards) Diploma
Nurses (Midwifery Gynecology) Diploma
Nurses (ICU) Diploma
Nurses (Surgery Operation Theatre) Diploma
Asst. Nurses (Cleaners) Male -Diploma
Technician Lab Diploma
X-Ray Technicians Diploma Computer Operators

Hotel & Catering

Manager &Assist Manager
Public Relation Officer & Restaurant Captain
Cooks (Continental, Chinese, Indian &Arabic)
Asst. Cooks
Fast Food Crew
Food and Beverage Controllers
Food and Beverage Manager
Kitchen Helpers
Dishwasher men
Laundry Men
House Keepers, Room Makers

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